Pompa Centrifugal CNP Circulator PT(F)



Specification and Application
PT/PTF Series canned motor pump features low noise, without leak, small cubage, light weight, long life, good reliability, etc. The stator and rotor of the motor for the canned motor pump is canned and sealed by stainless steel case. When operating, the water enters the inner chamber of the motor and plays a role in bearing lubrication and motor cooling. At the same time, it solves the leak problem of the water pump fundamentally. In addition, the shaft and bearing of the canned motor pump is made of special material, which is wear resistant and corrosion protection, increasing the service life and lowering the noise.

Flow Rated
12 ~ 500 ltr/min
Total Head
4 ~ 22 m
Liquid Temperature
2°C ~ 98°C
Stainless Steel 304
Type Rated Flow Rated Head
[m³/h] [m]
15 PT 20 4
20 PT 18 10
25 PT 30 10
32 PT 40 15
40 PT 40 19
50 PT 317


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