Pompa Ebara GS


Aplikasi Pompa Ebara GS :
• Industrial processes
• Cooling and air conditioning systems
• Pressurisation
• Firefighting

Fitur Pompa Ebara GS : 
• Robust cast iron pump body
• Impellers available in cast iron, ductile cast iron and bronze

The seal can be selected in two different versions: the mechanical one in Silicon Carbide/Carbon/EPDM and the packing one, in Silicon Carbide fibre. It has two replaceable bronze wear rings that ensure long-term reliable operation and high hydraulic efficiency.
Finally the flanges, from DN 32 up to DN 200, all PN16 (with reference to EN 1092-1), make GS a product suitable for the heaviest and most demanding applications.  The motors are available with 2 or 4 poles, 50 Hz

Pump body Cast iron
Impeller Bronze
Shaft Stainless steel 431 (EN 1.4057)
Mechanical seal Mechanical seal
(Silicon carbide/Carbon/EPDM),
Packing seal (Silicon carbide fibre)
Motor support Cast iron


Technical data
Flow rate Up to 1300 m³/h
Total head Up to 150 m
Max. working pressure 16 bar
Max. temperature of the liquid -10°C ÷ 120°C
MEI > 0.6
Poles 2 and 4



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