GasMeter Landis & Gyr 750HP

General Details GasMeter Landis Gyr 750HP

Housed in a compact aluminium case, the Model 750 is a slow revving high capacity gas meter.
Its 2 litre per cycle diaphragm operates at a rate of 40% slower than its 1.2 litre rivals.
This design minimises the speed of internal components and coupled with high quality materials
wear rates are reduced ensuring long term accuracy retention.
The Model 750 has a capacity of 7.5m³/h of Natural Gas (SG0.62) or 6m³/h of Air at 125Pa pressure drop,
a standard proven in Australia and throughout the world to ensure durability and reliable accuracy for periods of beyond 20 years.

Accuracy GasMeter Landis Gyr 750HP

The outstanding design features of the Model 750 gas meter such as its tangent control,
large cyclic capacity and magnetic drive index provide unparalleled accuracy from 10 litres/h to 7.5m³/h.
Our modern calibration and test facilities are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025.

Pressure Absorption

The Model 750 meter has a low pressure absorption due to the tangent assembly,
sliding low friction valves, and large cyclic volume (2 dm³/cycle),
which ensures extended field life and long term accuracy retention.
Pressure absorption across the meter reflects how hard the meter is working
and is directly proportional to the component wear rate and subsequent meter life.
The pressure absorption of the Model 750 is 125 Pascals (Pa) at a flow rate of 6m³/h of Air (7.5 m³/h of Natural Gas).

Accuracy Retention

The initial accuracy of a meter is easy to achieve by using calibration to pass
initial testing. However, sustained accuracy over time comes down to the quality,
design and construction of the meter. The Model 750 has been designed for long-term stability and extended field life.

Product Enhancements

Every Model 750 gas meter is supplied pulse ready so that the meter can be retrofitted with a pulse
output module for advanced metering applications without the need to replace the meter index.
The Model 750 is also available with a top reading index allowing ease of reading when the meter is located in a low height.
The model 750 is also available with Viton o-rings for aggressive gas applications.

Endurance Testing

Endurance testing to the most stringent world requirements has been conducted on the Model 750
that show long term accuracy retention. The Model 750 meter exceeds the endurance testing requirements
of the European Standard EN1359:1999, American National Standard ANSI B109.1, Australian Standard AS4647:2005,
and OIML Recommendation 31.


Pengukur gas ini memiliki empat ruang pengukuran yang dihubungkan bersama untuk membentuk unit yang dipisahkan oleh diafragma dan dinding yang dapat dideformasi.

Diafragma ini terhubung melalui piston yang berputar. Jumlah gas yang melewati diafragma meter dapat langsung diukur jika volume masing-masing ruang sudah diketahui.

Pengukur diafragma juga dapat digunakan dengan generator pulsa untuk menyediakan pembacaan meter. Namun, kebocoran dari bagian yang bergerak dan diafragma adalah penyebab utama kesalahan pengukuran saat menggunakan pengukur diafragma.

Diaphragm gas meter memiliki kelebihan :
1. Akurasi yang tinggi
2. Harga yang ekonomis
3. Masa pakai yang cukup panjang.


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