Pump Nocchi Stainless Biox 375A



BIOX 375A Info :

The Biox XS series pumps are made entirely of stainless steel. They work completely submerged in the pumped liquid that cools the motor externally.

Manufactured on the vortex operating principle wit hteh impeller set back. Equipped with float switch


  • All applications of pumping and draining sewage with suspended solids
  • Pumping station with one or more pumps for civil and rural plants
  • Suitable for emptying of seepage water, handling of waste water (sanitary water), emptying of cesspit and draining of sewage system
Output 375 W
Volt 220 V
Max Thrust 12 M


Liter/Minute 350 250 150
Total Head (M) 2.1 5.8 8.4


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