Pompa CNP Stainless Steel QY(B),QYL(B)


Specification and Application
• Air suspension treating equipment,ozonewater preparing equipment,and biological treeting equipment;
• Feeding of heating or cooling medium for various temperatureadjusting devices;
• Various filters:sucking or highpressure transferring lowviscosity liquid from underground tank,such as gasoline and various solvent;
• Misting treatment of clear water,pure water,foods,chemical solution and waste solution;
• Strict applications(continuous running,abrupt variation in hydraulic pressure):such as smallscale stream boiler,highbuilding water supply,highressure water injection to highpressure tank,and suction from vacuum tank;
• Sampling from river or tank,feeding foamable liquid,liquidfeed through long and horizontal pipeline,where air pockets likely occur.


Flow Rated
0.5 ~ 18 m³/h
Total Head
Max. 70 m
Liquid Temperature
-15°C ~ +120°C


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