AKO Air Operated Pinch Valve VMC -G/N series

Type : Air Operated – Modular
Pressure : 6 Bar
Temperature : -150 ~ 200 C
Size : 3/8″ ~ 4″
Connection : Screw PT, NPT
Body : SS 316, Aluminum, POM / Plastic
End Cap : SS 316, POM
Sleeve : NR, EPDM, NBR, CSM, IIR, CR, Silicone, FM/FKM

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Unique feature of AKO VMC series air powered on/off valve is its Modular System whereby mix & match between body & end-cap to cater for various application. It is most popular series sold and provide simple sleeve replacement, no pressure loss due to it’s full bore design, tight shut-off.


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